Korean Street Food-Fast and Sassy

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About Us

Here comes Ajumama!

Bringing a taste of Seoul to Columbus, Ajumama serves Korean street food without the 7000 mile road trip. Always fresh and sassy, sometimes sweet or hot, a lot of traditional with a little rock and roll, but way more than just BBQ or kimchi. We can’t wait to take you on a culinary tour of Korea, unlike anything else you will find in central Ohio and share our love and passion for Korean food with you.

What is an Ajumama? Ajumma is the Korean word for “Ma’am”, basically what you would call a married or older woman not related to you.

The ajummas are famous the world over for their tenacity, sharp elbows, warm hearts, fiery tempers and loyalties as well as their amazing food. Walk up to a street cart or into one of the red tented pojangmachas that pop up on the streets of South Korea after the sun goes down and you will most likely find a smiling ajuma doing everything from serving, cleaning, cooking, and even giving advice sometimes from sunup to sundown.

Ajumama was the result of creating a word that expressed how much we love and respect these wonderful ladies and their fighting spirits.